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BrellaScope is a full service  marketing, branding and consulting firm. Specializing in entertainment and lifestyle communication campaigns and strategic partnerships that amplify consumer awareness. Our team has over 25 years of top-tier executive experience intersecting the latest in communication channels with out-of-the-box creative ideation – focusing on entertainment, fashion and beauty, sports, and emerging technologies. 

      We work hand-in-hand with brands across the consumer and corporate spectrums to identify outreach and alignment goals, and then tap into our expansive industry relationships to craft dynamic, comprehensive and unique initiatives that create a lasting global imprint. We are known for our powerful collaborations with leading influencers, and have worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the industry to shape their digital image.  We have simultaneously incubated start-ups from conception to launch, and developed new, previously undiscovered revenue opportunities.  


   Our proven track record working with Fortune 500 companies and leading influencers positions us at the forefront of a marketing landscape that is constantly evolving.  We fundamentally understand how to build a brand, influence the influential and generate trends, all while providing unmatched client service.  

Our Passion for Social Good

Brellascope is passionate about uniting brands, entertainment, influencers and the leading non-profits around the globe in social good campaigns that inspire consumers to make a positive impact. We have created alignments that include grass-roots consumer participation, digital awareness campaigns and fundraisers that have positively affected over 6 million people worldwide since 2011.

We know how to motivate, collaborate and activate – and have worked with A-list celebrities and influencers, professional athletes, leading media organizations, global NFPs, world leaders, local organizations, schools and universities and social media platforms on over one hundred campaigns and initiatives. Our work has focused on equality, education, children, animal rescue, health and wellness, poverty, clean water, shelter, the environment and more.

                                                                                                                                                                             We believe that every brand has a responsibility and a voice when it comes to making a difference, and we go above and beyond to bring these campaigns to vibrant, necessary life.

BrellaScope has most recently added two new divisions, "Empower for Success".  Empower  works with women, empowering them with the roadmap and tools needed to succeed in business. Consulting opportunities  with top female entrepreneurs  from all sectors, including technology, entertainment , health, beauty, and policy. Connecting the dots between business, family and community. The "MultiGenerational Family Business Method"  a platform and educational tool to create and maintain generational wealth. This program is by invitation only. 



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